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The experts at EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions understand, better than most, how stressful and discouraging a pest infestation can be. This is why we have developed programs with innovative pest solutions for home and business owners in Aurora and the surrounding areas.  Our programs focus on using less harmful chemicals and more on the implementation of environmentally sound methods that are not only extremely effective, but also protect the health of our clients and our ecology. If pests like ants, mice, flies, or cockroaches have invaded your Aurora property trust the pest experts at Sprague to resolve your pest situation and restore your peace of mind in the healthiest form possible. With highly qualified professionals, state of the art equipment, and over 85 years of operation you can rest assured that you are in good hands; contact us today for more information on pest control in Aurora, Colorado!

Ants You May See In Aurora

While there are over 12,000 classified species of ants, the most commonly found ants in Aurora, Colorado, include:

Pavement Ants – These ants are about 1/8” in length with segmented oval bodies and antennaes. These creatures have six legs and are dark brown to black in color. They build their nests in the crack of pavement, and are capable of infesting a building.  These ants also eat and wide variety of foods, including: honey, seeds, meats, bread and insects. They can contaminate food and should be avoided.

Carpenter Ants – Carpenter ants are about 5/8” in length with a segmented, oval body, and antennaes. These ants excavate wood in order to create their nests. They are attracted to wet or mold covered wood and require a water source to survive. These ants can pose a threat to your structure as they can easily continue their pathways from wet and molded wood to the dry wood frame of your home. They can enter buildings through cracks, doors and even through tree limbs that are touching a home.

Field Ants – Field ants can commonly be mistaken for carpenter ants. However, Field ants are about 3/16” to 1/3” in length with segmented, oval bodies as well and are black or reddish brown in color. These ants feed off of sweet materials and typically build their nests out of twigs, loose soil, and dried leaves. These ants are normally spotted indoors in the spring months when the temperatures begin to warm but are still to cool for them to forage outdoors.   

Pharaoh Ants – Pharaoh ants are about 1/16” in length with a pale, yellowish to reddish color and an abdomen that is much darker or even may be black. This insect has six legs and antennaes. Pharaoh ant colonies are generally very large with workers that number in the thousands. These ants feed on sweets, proteins, oils and they have been known to eat other dead insects. Pharaoh ants can travel in walls using wires as a highway system. They have been spotted in commercial food buildings, apartment complexes, and health care facilities. These ants can contaminate food and are able to transmit infections such as Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas in settings like hospitals and nursing homes.

Odorous House Ants – These ants are 1/16” – 1/8” in length. They are usually brown or black in color with six legs and a segmented, oval body with antennaes. These ants love sweets! They make their homes in soil or cracks in the wall, and can live up to several years. These ants are not an immediate threat to our health, however, they are capable of contaminating food and they should be avoided.  

Ants are also a nuisance but some are capable of destroying homes and others are capable of contaminating your food. If you have spotted ants in your Aurora home or business and are concerned about a current infestation or the threat of one developing, don’t hesitate, contact Colorado’s ant experts at EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions today!

Ant Prevention Tips

At EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions, we believe the simplest form of pest management is prevention. Preventing an infestation can save you time, money, and stress. If you are concerned about ants invading your Colorado home this summer than EnviroPest By Sprague suggests the following tips:

  • Use dehumidifiers in damp areas like basements, crawl spaces, and attics

  • Replace any damaged screens

  • Fill in any cracks or holes with caulking

  • Keep shrubbery and tree limbs trimmed back away from the house

  • Eliminate any standing water from your property

  • Clean spills in the home immediately and vacuum regularly

  • Avoid leaving leftovers out overnight

  • Try putting your pets on a scheduled feeding time opposed to leaving their food and water out all day

These prevention tips can greatly increase your chances of deterring ants from your Colorado home this summer. However, there are times when trying to prevent a pest that they may slip in unexpectedly. At EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions, we have the knowledge and training to eradicate these pests from your property. For more information on how to protect your home from ants this summer contact us today!

Home Pest Control In Aurora

If you have ever dealt with a pest infestation in your home then you know how overwhelming it can be. At EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer home pest control that will keep your home pest free for one full year! This superior program is known as the HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention Program and includes protection from mice, rats, spiders, ants (non-wood destroying), pantry pests, stinging insects, and the occasional invaders. If you are interested in the benefits the HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program can offer your home then contact the professionals at EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions to learn more!

Pest Control Services Aurora CO

In addition to our outstanding residential programs we also offer a variety of other services, including:

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