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Regardless Of The Season, Pests Are A Problem In Bailey CO

Whether it is the middle of winter, spring, summer or fall there are pests active and foraging for food, water and shelter; unfortunately many of these pests will find these things in your Bailey, Colorado home. Many homeowners think that pests may not be active certain times of the year like fall and winter, but this is not true. There are a variety of insects and even a few rodents that are active and can infest your home no matter what time of year. This is why it is important that you have a plan in place for year round Colorado pest control.

Spring Pest Problems In Bailey CO

Who doesn’t love spring after a long, cold winter? It’s a season of renewal and a great time to get outside and soak up the Vitamin D. There is one drawback to spring though. When it arrives, it has this tendency to bring pests with it. Swarming termites are a major threat to homeowners in Bailey as they are wood destroying insects capable of causing extensive damage if they get in your home. Ants, spiders, centipedes and other occasional invaders are considered more of a nuisance but still, not something you want to deal with every spring. For more information on termite control and insect control in Bailey, please contact EnviroPest By Sprague today!

Summer Pest Pressures In Bailey CO

During the warm summer month’s there are many pests that are active, and can make their way into your home, they include:

  • stinging insects (hornets, yellow jackets, etc.)

  • rodents

  • termites

  • ants

  • mosquitoes

  • spiders

Ants in the kitchen or outside along the driveway or walkways, stinging insect nests constructed in the eaves of the home, in a hole in the yard or even inside the grill are quite common during the summer months in Bailey. Mulch and rotten wood near your home may attract termites and compost piles and bird feeders may attract mice, rats and other rodents. If you find your home or backyard overwhelmed by Colorado insects and rodents, EnviroPest By Sprague can help. Learn more about our Bailey pest control for summer pests.

Box Elder Bugs, Rodents Head Indoors When Fall Arrives in Bailey

The fall months are the time of year when many pests like mice, box elder bugs, and many others are searching for a place to overwinter in. Unless preventative measures have been made your home could become theirs for the winter. When pests enter your home they will seek shelter in your attic, basement, behind your walls and in your insulation. Pests living in your home can cause significant damage and some can even introduce diseases into your home. Don’t let fall pests threaten the health of your family or home, please contact us today! Our home pest control in Bailey, Colorado is the ideal way to protect people and property.

Pests Don’t Disappear Once Winter Arrives In Colorado

Many homeowners think that the winter months are when they do not have to worry about pest infestations, but this is untrue. There are many pests that are active, and will cause damage to your home and headaches for you during the winter. They include, but are not limited to:

  • flies

  • pantry pests

  • mice and other rodents

Though you may not have even be aware of it, flies, pantry pests, mice and other household insects and rodents likely made their way into your home as soon as the cold weather started arriving. In fact, they probably began looking for shelter during the fall months. Unfortunately Colorado homes provide everything these insects need to survive: food, water and shelter. Luckily, EnviroPest By Sprague offers residential pest control services in Bailey that are designed to eliminate existing pest activity as well as prevent future pest problems from occurring.

Pest Prevention Tips From Bailey Pest Control Providers

There are many things that you can do around your home and property to help prevent pests from making their way into your home. They include:

  • Storing garbage in sealed containers away from your home.

  • Trimming trees and bushes back so that they do not touch the roof or any other part of the home.

  • Keeping mulch and grass from directly coming into contact with your foundation.

  • Placing your compost pile and/or garden as far away from the house as possible.

  • Sealing cracks and crevices in your foundation, caulk spaces around doors and windows.

  • Eliminating other food sources such as pet food kept outside and bird feeders.

Learn More About Home Pest Control In Bailey CO

Even if you make every effort to keep pests out, don’t be discouraged if they find a way in anyways. It happens. Regardless of the season, if insects and rodents are hanging out in your home you’ll find the easiest and most effective way to get rid of them is to find a Bailey pest control provider. At EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions our HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention Program provides seasonal pest control, our experts know what pests are active in which season and target those pests in and around your home. The HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention Program includes an initial interior and exterior program (inspection, recommendations, installation of monitoring equipment/traps and preventative applications) customized for you and your home’s unique needs. We then provide follow-up visits every other month, and if a problem arises between visits we will come back and no charge to you.

Comprehensive Pest Control In Bailey Colorado

Along with seasonal home pest control programs EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions also provides services for:

No matter what the season, if you are having trouble with pests in your Bailey, Colorado home contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions today. In business since 1926, we understand the pests your home and family could become exposed to and are ready to combat infestations, no matter how severe! Call us today for detailed information on any of our pest control programs!

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