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Castle Pines, Colorado - 80108

Castle Pines CO Pest Control

Longtime Colorado pest control company, EnviroPest has partnered with Sprague Pest Solutions, providing the most complete pest control services to Castle Pines, Boulder, and throughout Colorado.  EnviroPest by Sprague offers the most effective, reasonably priced, and ecofriendly pest control solutions to homes and businesses year-round.  If bed bugs, pigeons, cockroaches or ant infestations are causing you unnecessary stress, you can have confidence that the professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague to help you achieve and maintain a pest free home.

What Are Sugar Ants?

Most commonly found in the United States and Australia, sugar ants nest in forests, woodlands, urban areas, and heaths.  Also known as the banded sugar ant, they range in length from 5-15mm and are easily identified by their orange-brown bodies and black head and mandibles.  Contrary to their name, sugar ants primarily do not feed on sugary foods, but prefer collecting nectar, honeydew from aphids, feeding on other insects, and scavenging dead animals.  Sugar ants do not bite, however they can be a nuisance parading around your home scavenging for food and water.  

Ant Prevention Tips

Sugar ants, like many other ants can be found wandering your countertops, sinks, and kitchen cupboards in search of food.  EnviroPest by Sprague offer a few simple tips to prevent ants from entering your home and avoid future infestations.

  • Cleaning up spills or crumbs on countertops, floors, and under appliances

  • Do not leave dirty dishes in sinks overnight

  • Repair or replace leaky faucets and drains to reduce sources of moisture

  • Store food in containers with tightly fitting lids or in the fridge

  • Cut back trees and shrubbery from your property

If ants are still scurrying around you home, contact the experts at EnviroPest by Sprague to schedule an appointment today!

Home Pest Control to Get Rid of Ants

To keep you home pest free, EnviroPest by Sprague has designed our HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program, a customizable plan to protect the interior and exterior of your home from common household pests, especially ants.  Our insect pest control services for your home include:

  • Insect Trapping

  • Preventative Applications

  • Treatment Plans

If ants are overrunning your home, contact EnviroPest by Sprague for an appointment today.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services from EnviroPest by Sprague

Along with our HomeSmart Pest Preventative Program, EnviroPest by Sprague in Castle Pines offer an array of commercial pest  control and residential pest control services, including:

For more information on any of the programs offered by EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solution, contact our Castle Pines, CO, pest control pros today!

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