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Are You In Need Of Rodent Control In Niwot CO?

Rodents can be a major problem for the residents of Colorado, including those living in Niwot. Mice and rats are the most common kinds of rodents that will enter homes. Because rodents have a constant need to gnaw on objects to keep their front incisors from becoming overgrown, once inside they can cause a lot of costly damage to the structure of your home, building materials, furniture, even your personal belongings could be compromised. Along with inflicting damage to the dwelling and contents within, they can also be responsible for introducing diseases into your home that can be spread to you and your family. Other pests such as fleas and mites could also arrive via a rodent infestation.

Identifying Mice And Rats In Niwot Colorado

While there are several types of mice, in our region the ones that are more likely to infest homes are gray to brown in color with a white underbelly; they are generally 4 ½ to 5 ½ in length including their tail. Rats are much larger and are grayish brown in color and range in length from 10 ½ to 12 ½ inches in length including their tail.

CO Pest Control Pros Identify The Signs Of Rodents

Knowing what the signs of a rodent infestation are is important so that you can take necessary steps to eliminate rodents from your Niwot home as quickly and efficiently as possible. If these pests are living in your home, you may discover their rodent droppings in your kitchen, on your counters, in drawers and cabinets. You will also see them behind appliances like your kitchen stove and refrigerator. Because of their constant chewing, you may discover that wires and pipes have been chewed through; they will also damage drywall and insulation with their gnawing and digging. Mice and rats will travel to different areas of your home behind your walls so at night when your home is quiet and the rodents are active you may hear scratching or other noises in the walls or in the ceiling. You may also find that furniture, boxes, clothing, pictures and other personal items have been chewed on or through.

How Do You Keep Mice And Rats Out?

Rodents are a problem all year round, but especially during the fall and winter months when they need a safe, warm nesting area. It is important that you as a homeowner implement as many preventative measures that you can to protect your home from a rodent infestation.

  • Any cracks in your foundation should be completely sealed, along with any gaps under doors or around windows.

  • Chimney caps should be installed and vents should be fitted with mesh caps.

  • Roof shingles and the entire roof should be checked periodically to ensure there are no loose shingles or holes that would allow a rodent to slip through.

  • Make sure that bushes and trees are trimmed away from your home so that rodents cannot use limbs as a bridge to your home.

  • Garbage cans should be sealed and stored away from your home along with compost piles.

  • Empty dirty dishes from the sink every night to discourage rodents.

  • Keep food in sealed containers and store produce in your refrigerator rather than on your countertops.

If, despite your precautions, rodents find their way into your home, EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions can help your Colorado home to become free of rodents.

Rodent Control For Niwot Colorado

Our Colorado rodent control includes a thorough inspection of your dwelling and property to determine the extent of your pest problem. Based on our findings, we’ll determine the most effective way to get rid of them. Our methods may include the use of bait stations, multiple catch traps and single catch traps depending on your home's needs. Once we get rid of any mice and rats, we’ll work with you to implement measures designed to prevent future infestations.

Niwot Pest Control Services

Sprague Pest Solutions has been helping families eliminate their home pest issues for over 85 years. In order to offer our quality services to home and business owners in Colorado, including Niwot we partnered with EnviroPest to create EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. EnviroPest by Sprague provides pest control solutions that includes:

Contact us today to get detailed information on we can help you eliminate your rodent problem or any of your other pest control issues.

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