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Carpet Beetle Identification In Parker, CO - 80134

Some pests that invade homes are well known insects such as ants, spiders and bees.  Other pests, such as the carpet beetle may not be as familiar.  While the carpet beetle may not be the first pest that pops into your mind when thinking of pest control for your Parker Colorado home, they can and do commonly invade residences and cause a lot of damage to personal items, furniture, food products, clothing, carpets, animal skins and furs and are especially attracted to anything made of wool.  There are many species of carpet beetle common to Colorado, but the one most commonly found in homes is the black carpet beetle.  Adult carpet beetles range in length from 1/8-3/16 of an inch.  As their name suggests they are a dark brown to oily black color; their larvae are elongated with a tapered appearance and a tuft of bristles found at the tapered end.  Carpet beetles will enter homes from the outside through cracks and crevices in your exterior during the spring and early summer months.  According to the Entomology Dept. at PennState, allergic reactions to carpet beetles are caused by contact with the hairs of carpet beetle larvae and can include itching, irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes.  They also state that reactions seem to only occur in some individuals that have had long-term exposure to these hairs.  For the most part, carpet beetles are considered a nuisance pest (one that doesn’t bite) and can be controlled by a Colorado pest control provider.

Home Pest Control Services In Parker Colorado

If you find that your home has become infested with carpet beetles it is important to eliminate, launder and clean the effected items.  You should also contact the professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions to treat for carpet beetles.  Our HomeSmart Pest™ Prevention Program, a home pest control service in Parker CO, provides year-round pest control and begins with an initial interior and exterior program (inspection, recommendations, installation of monitoring equipment/traps and preventative applications) that is customized for your home.   Follow up visits are conducted every other month and if a problem arises between visits, we will come back at no charge to you.  Contact us today to learn more about our residential pest control in Parker.

Parker Pest Control Services For Bed Bugs, Insects And Rodents, Pest Birds And More

At EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions, we have the ability to give both home and business owners in Parker great options for pest control.  We continue to offer quality services that focus on the understanding that each situation is unique and deserves individualized attention.  Along with carpet beetle control and home pest control, we offer:

Contact us today to speak to one of our trained professionals to get more information on getting rid of carpet beetles or about any of our other quality services for pest control in Parker, Colorado.

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