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Pest Control Services In Sedalia CO

Located in the SW Denver metro area, Sedalia Colorado is ideal for people who enjoy being outdoors.  This Colorado community is attractive to hikers, bikers and outdoor adventurists.  Unfortunately, some of the same elements that draw people to the area also attract Colorado insects and rodents.  If pests have invaded your home or property, EnviroPest By Sprague can help.  We are a local pest control company providing pest control services in Sedalia and throughout the Denver area who understands that infestations can be more than a nuisance; if left un-treated they can and introduce health risks into your home and cause significant damage. 

Health Risks Associated With Pest Problems In Sedalia

Not every pest encountered in Sedalia is a threat to your health or your family members’.  While pavement ants, box elder bugs and occasional invaders are annoying, they are relatively harmless.  On the other hand, there are several insects and rodents that go beyond annoying.  From introducing other pests into the home to spreading health problems, these pests are not welcome guests!


Although there are several types of cockroaches found in the US, there are only a handful of cockroaches in Colorado.  If you have noticed a cockroach problem in your home, it could be a:

  • German cockroach

  • American cockroach

  • Brown-banded cockroach

  • Oriental cockroach

  • Wood cockroach

In Sedalia and throughout Colorado, the German cockroach tends to be the most problematic.  With a fondness for warm, moist areas, it is not uncommon to find this pest in or around kitchen and bathroom sinks, appliances and furnaces.   No matter what type of cockroach you come across, they are not an insect you want in your home because they carry various disease organisms, contaminate food and can cause allergic reactions especially in children.  Find out how the Sedalia pest control professionals at EnviroPest By Sprague can help you protect your family from cockroaches.  


Colorado is home to the house mouse and deer mouse and while they two vary in size and color, they both have the ability to threaten the health of Sedalia residents.  The deer mouse can transmit Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which can be fatal.    Coming into contact with dead mice or breathing in aerosolized urine droplets are a couple ways in which this virus can be contracted.  Mice droppings and urine can also be the cause of allergies in children and foraging rodents can lead to the contamination of food.    To find out how EnviroPest By Sprague’s effective rodent control can resolve your mouse problem in Sedalia, please contact us today!

Termites And Other Pests Threaten The Health Of Your CO Home

In addition to the health problems associated with pests, the damages insects and rodent in Colorado are capable of causing should not be overlooked.  From termites to rodents, your home is a target.  Infestations in homes can lead to:

  • Insulation contaminated or pulled apart by rodent droppings, urine and nests

  • Damaged electrical wire credited to gnawing rodents

  • Torn or ripped siding

  • Minor to extensive structural damage

  • Damage to fabrics, furniture and personal items

  • Contaminated food pantries

Professional Pest Control Services In Sedalia CO

Regardless of the type of pest problem you are facing, EnviroPest By Sprague is here to help.  Our home pest control services are designed to address the issues, homeowners in Sedalia face.  To get rid of ants, spiders, and other household pests in Sedalia, please contact us.  Besides delivering a highly effective residential pest management programs in Sedalia, we also offer commercial pest solutions including:

In business since 1931, Sprague Pest Solutions has been dedicated to providing highly effective yet eco-friendly pest solutions for businesses in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.  Now serving the Denver and Boulder metros as EnviroPest By Sprague, we are pleased to continue our longstanding tradition of protecting health and property.