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Pest Control In Thornton, Colorado - 80023

Longtime Colorado pest control company EnviroPest has partnered with Sprague Pest Solutions, providing the most complete residential and commercial pest control services to Thorton, Colorado and the surrounding area. EnviroPest by Sprague takes great pride in supplying the most affordable, up-to-date, quality, and environmentally friendly pest control services to get rid of ants, mice, spiders, and many other common pests. Whether you live or work in the Thorton region, you can count on EnviroPest by Sprague to be your ideal pest exterminator.

What Spiders Are A Problem For CO Homeowners?

There are over 30,000 species of spiders found in Colorado, with house spiders, wolf spiders, rock spiders, and black widow spiders. Spiders don’t usually bite humans unless in self-defense and the black widow’s bite can be very painful and possibly cause severe reactions for young children and the elderly.

Spider Prevention Tips

At EnviroPest by Sprague, we understand that even though spiders are mostly harmless, they still cause a nuisance in your home. Our experts would like to offer a few helpful tips to prevent spiders from invading your home.

  • Seal any holes or cracks on the exterior and interior of your home, including around pipes, wiring, soffits, outlets, faucets, and baseboards

  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back away from your home, making sure they do not touch the exterior

  • Repair any tears or holes in screens in doors and windows

  • Apply or replace old weather stripping around windows and doors

  • Keep your kitchen clean and free of food crumbs, spiders eat insects that feed on your crumbs

  • Replace any outdoor white light bulbs with yellow bulbs (white bulbs attract insects spider feed upon)

If spiders are still entering your home after you have put in place our recommended prevention tips, call on the professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague and schedule an appointment today!

Get Rid Of Spiders In Thornton

EnviroPest by Sprague has designed our HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program, a customizable Thornton pest control program for homes developed by our certified entomologist to get rid of ants, stinging insects, and especially spiders. This year round service includes interior and exterior inspections, application of treatments, removal of spider webs, apply preventative treatments to prevent re-infestation. If you are in need of pest control services to get rid of spider at your home, contact our Thorton office today!

Other Thornton Pest Control Services By Sprague

Along with our HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program, EnviroPest by Sprague also offers a selection of Thornton pest control services for both hoems and businesses, including:

Rodent Control

Stored Product Pests

Fumigation Services

Bird Control

Sanitation Audits

Insect Control

Fly Control


For more information on all our Thornton pest control services, or to schedule an appointment, contact EnviroPest by Sprague today.